Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test Fiverr Answers 2023

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test Fiverr Answers
The Fiverr Adobe After Effects Test is a crucial step for freelancers seeking success in video editing and motion graphics. By mastering the software’s interface, animation techniques, effects, and motion tracking, you can demonstrate your expertise and attract clients on Fiverr. Adequate preparation and hands-on practice are key to excelling in this test and unlocking lucrative freelancing opportunities.

Fiverr has emerged as a leading platform for freelancers to showcase their skills and connect with clients from around the world. One of the key components of success on Fiverr is having a diverse skill set, and proficiency in Adobe After Effects is highly sought after. As a result, the Adobe After Effects test on Fiverr has become a crucial step for freelancers aiming to secure projects related to video editing, motion graphics, and visual effects.

In this article, we will delve into the Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test Fiverr Answers and provide you with valuable insights and answers to help you excel in this test and boost your freelancing career.

Understanding the Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test Fiverr Answers

The Fiverr Adobe After Effects Test is designed to evaluate a freelancer’s knowledge and proficiency in using Adobe After Effects software. It consists of multiple-choice questions that assess various aspects of the software, including basic features, tools, effects, animation techniques, and workflow management. The test aims to measure an individual’s ability to work with this powerful software and deliver high-quality results.

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Key Topics Covered in the Test:

  1. Interface and Workflow: Questions in this section focus on understanding the After Effects interface, project organization, workspace customization, and efficient workflow techniques.
  2. Composition and Layer Management: This section evaluates your knowledge of creating compositions, importing media assets, managing layers, adjusting properties, and utilizing blending modes.
  3. Animation Techniques: Questions related to animation cover topics such as keyframes, easing, motion paths, shape layers, text animations, and manipulating effects over time.
  4. Effects and Plugins: This section tests your understanding of various effects and plugins available in After Effects, including color correction, particle systems, green screen keying, and more.
  5. Motion Tracking and Stabilization: Questions on motion tracking and stabilization techniques assess your ability to track and apply effects to moving objects and stabilize shaky footage.

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Test Fiverr Answers

1. Open path cannot create a transparent area for a layer.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

2. Which of the following text types will be used in order to animate the text along the perimeter of the circle?
i) Basic test
ii) Number text
iii) Path text-Answer
iv) None of the above

3. What would be used to add color to a background or create simple graphic images using mask and layer properties?
i) Keying
ii) Preserve transparency
iii) Masking
iv) Solid layer-Answer

4. Which effect is used to adjust an image’s position in an imaginary 3D space, add depth or create an adjustable z-axis?
i) Perspective effects-Answer
ii) Style effects
iii) Render effects
iv) None of the above

5. Which Transform option should be chosen to rotate a layer along a motion path?
i) Auto-Orient Rotation-Answer
ii) Rotation
iii) Position
iv) Anchor Point

6. Which option renders one-ninth of the pixels contained in the full-resolution image in the
composition setting dialog box?
i) Full resolution
ii) Half resolution
iii) Third resolution-Answer
iv) Quarter resolution

7. When a color value is keyed out, all pixels that have similar colors become transparent. What is this technique called?
i) Luma key
ii) Color key-Answer
iii) Image matte
iv) Difference Matte

8. Which of the following is not a shape type for Path text?
i) Rectangle-Answer
ii) Circle
iii) Bezier
iv) Line

9. Which among the following is not a mask mode?
i) Lighten
ii) Darken
iii) Brighten-Answer
iv) Difference

10. What does the term “nesting” mean in After Effects?
i) The process of importing multiple images sequence as footage
ii) The processfor animating a still image
iii) The process of adding composition to another composition-Answer
iv) The process of saving the composition for the future use

11. —————– are used primarily to create and control animation in After Effects.
i) Keyframes-Answer
ii) Layers
iii) Filters
iv) None of the above

12. Still image layer connot be time stretched.
i) True
ii) False-Answer

13. Which mask is previewed and rendered faster than any other kind of drawn mask?
i) Rectangular-Answer
ii) Oval
iii) Bezier
iv) Circular

14. What tracks the specified range of bumpy movement and then adjusts the layer anchor point or rotation?
i) Minimax
ii) Motion blur
iii) Motion stabilizer-Answer
iv) Motion tile

15. What does select label group mean?
i) Select several layers of one color-Answer
ii) Select several layers with the same effect
iii) Select several layers using the same mask
iv) Select several layers using the same audio effects

16. What would happen, if the feather width is set to 25, using the mask feather property?
i) The feather extends 25 pixels inside the mask edge
ii) The feather extends 25 pixels outside the mask edge
iii) The feather extends 10 pixels inside and 15 pixels outside the mask edge
iv) The feather extends 12.5 pixels inside and 12.5 pixels otside the mask edge-Answer

17. What is the maximum composition resolution supported by After Effects?
i) 4000*4000 pixels
ii) 30000*30000 pixels-Answer
iii) 1024*768 pixels
iv) 800*600 pixels

18. At least —————— layers should be selected in order to distribute layers.
i) Two
ii) Three-Answer
iii) Four
iv) Five

19. Which among the following is not the method to create a mask in After Effects?
i) Drawing a path using the tool from the toolbox
ii) Specifying the dimensions of the mask shape in the mask shape dialog box
iii) Pasting a path drawn in and copied from another layer or from adobe illustrator or photoshop
iv) Setting additional remap keyframes-Answewr

20. The lock layer can be moved by allignment or distribution option.
i) True
ii) False-Answer

21. Why is the film strip format used?
i) To edit uncompressed in photoshop-Answer
ii) To save the sound along with the footage
iii) To save transparency mask in the footage
iv) None of the above

22. This question is based on the graphic shown below.
Which type of mask is shown in the given image? (Based on Adobe After Effects 7.0)

i) Rectangular
ii) Oval
iii) Bezier-Answer
iv) Circular

23. Which audio effects repeats the sound in audio footage after a spedified amount of time?
i) Backward
ii) Delay-Answer
iii) Bass
iv) Stereo mixer

24. Which among the following is not a render effect?
i) Audio waveform
ii) Audio spectrum
iii) Beam
iv) Blend-Answer

25. This questions is based on the graphic shown below.
What should be done to refresh a windown or to remove red border around the composition window as shown in the given diagram?
i) Release shift key
ii) Release caps lock key
iii) Release Alt key
iv) Release Enter key-Answer

26. The positions of effect points are based on the coordinate system of the layer and not on the coordinate system of the composition.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

27. Which among the following is a visual effect and not an audio effect and must be applied to a video layer?
i) Audio waveform-Answer
ii) Delay
iii) Levels
iv) Backward

28. Which layer property has the preserve frame aspect ratio feature?
i) Position-Answer
ii) Scale
iii) Anchor point
iv) Rotation

29. What is speeding up or slowing down a layer in After Effects called?
i) Clipping
ii) Time stretching-Answer
iii) Trimming
iv) None of the above

30. Which of the following command is not true?
i) Layer>Text Layer
ii) Layer>New>Solid Layer
iii) Layer>New>Light Layer
iv) Camera>Layer>New-Answer

31. Trimming a still layer simply changes the length of time the image displays in the composition, without affecting the displayed portion of the image.
i) True-Answer
ii) False

32. What render settings should be used if only the part of the composition should be rendered?

i) Length of composition
ii) Field render-Answer
iii) Work area only
iv) None of the above

33. Which channel contains the transparency information?
i) Green
ii) Blue
iii) Alpha-Answer
iv) All of the above

34. This question i s based on the graphic shown below.
What would happen if the capture speed is set to 50% of motion sketch as in the given diagram?
i) After Effects would play back the motion twice as fast as the sketching speed
ii) It would play back the motion half as fast sketching speed-Answer
iii) It would play back the motion at the same speed as sketching speed
iv) It would not accept this value

35. This question is based on the graphic shown below.
How can the result in Figure B be achieved from the given in Figure A in the diagram?
i) By setting the saturation to-100-Answer
ii) By setting the light to-100
iii) By setting the Hue to-100
iv) By turning on colorize option in the Hue saturation dialog box

36. This question is based on the graphic shown below.
Which masking mode is used in the given diagram?
i) Intersect
ii) Add
iii) Difference
iv) None of the above-Answer

37. Which quality option should be used if rendering shoulc be done at reduced resolution?
i) Draft-Answer
ii) Best quality
iii) Wireframe
iv) None of the above

38. A mask cannot be locked.
i) True
ii) False-Answer

39. For which file format does After Effects automatically convert empty area in to an alpha channel?
i) BMP
ii) AI-Answer
iii) GIF
iv) None of the above

40. This question is based on the graphic shown below.-Need image
In the given diagram, which part is being denoted by A?
i) Level controls
ii) Audio option menu
iii) Level values-Answer
iv) VU meter

41. Which of the following command is not true?
i) Layer>New>Text Layer
ii) Layer>New>Solid Layer
iii) Layer> New> Light Layer
iv) Camera> Layer> New-Answer

42. What is the standard sampling rate for compact disc audio?
i) 44.100 Khz-Answer
ii) 22.050 Khz
iii) 48 Khz
iv) 32 Khz

43. Which effect has been applied on Figure B from the given as in Figure A in the diagram?-Need Image
i) Mirror
ii) Motion Blur
iii) Motion Tile-Answer
iv) None of the above

44. Which among the following is not a type of mask and cannot be drawn?
i) Rectangular
ii) Oval
iii) Bezier
iv) Surface-Answer

45. What would be the outcome if drop shadow effect is applied in photoshop layer and then files are imported into After effects?
i) After Effects does not support Adobe Photoshop layer effects
ii) The layer effect will be imported but cannot be edited in the After Effects control window
iii) The effect will be imported and can be edited in the After Effects control window-Answer
iv) None of the above

46. Still image layer cannot be time stretched?
i) True
ii) False-Answer

47. Which of the following layers will be used for applying an effect to many layers at once?
i) Composition
ii) Footage
iii) Solid
iv) Adjustment-Answer

There you have the answers, although if you are still doubting if Fiverr test assessments are worth it, then you should check out this article here where we explained why it is important and its advantages to you as a freelancer.

Preparing for the Fiverr Adobe After Effects Test

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Adobe After Effects: Spend time exploring the software’s features, tools, and functionalities. Watch tutorials, take online courses, and practice creating different types of animations and effects.
  2. Review the Adobe After Effects Documentation: The official Adobe After Effects documentation provides in-depth explanations of every aspect of the software. Study the documentation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the software’s capabilities.
  3. Take Practice Tests: Several online platforms offer practice tests specifically designed to simulate the Fiverr Adobe After Effects Test. Taking these practice tests will help you familiarize yourself with the format and assess your knowledge gaps.
  4. Hands-on Projects: Create your own projects using Adobe After Effects to gain practical experience and reinforce your learning. Experiment with different effects, animation techniques, and motion tracking to enhance your skills.
  5. Stay Updated: Adobe frequently releases updates to its software, introducing new features and enhancements. Stay informed about these updates to ensure you are up to date with the latest tools and techniques.

Final thoughts

Mastering Adobe After Effects is a valuable skill that can open doors to a wide range of freelancing opportunities. The Fiverr Adobe After Effects Test serves as a benchmark for freelancers looking to demonstrate their expertise and attract clients seeking professional video editing and motion graphics services.

By preparing diligently, exploring the software’s features, and practicing hands-on projects, you can enhance your proficiency in Adobe After Effects and increase your chances of success on Fiverr. Remember, knowledge and skill development are continuous processes, so stay committed to learning and refining your abilities to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of visual effects and motion graphics.

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